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Air Conditioning is now fitted as standard on most makes of vehicles, due to the major enhancement it brings to passenger comfort. Vehicle owners are just realising that Air Conditioning requires regular servicing. If the Air Conditioning is not used throughout the year, the system will tend to gradually lose refrigerantas it permeates through the physical joins between components. Over time this will cause deterioration in performance and release a bad smell when the system is used.

Worse still, if you leave the Air Conditioning operating with low refrigerant levels more serious problems can occur, lubricant circulation may be affected and air or moisture may enter the system.

We now offer a range of Air Conditioning related services:

Free Air Conditioning Performance Test

– Checks system pressures and vent temperature
– Compare to recommended levels

Anti-bacterial System Clean

– Treats the problem of stale smelling at source
– Prevents the problem returning for 12 months

Full Air Conditioning Service

– As per Performance Test
– Recover refrigerant
– Evacuate air and moisture from the system
– Leak test
– Recharge to recommended levels adding fresh oil as necessary
– Full visual inspection

If you would like further information about our Air Conditioning servicing, please contact us.

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