Exhausts Supplied And Fitted By Bosch Accredited Technicians

We supply and fit part or complete exhaust systems for any make and model of vehicle, with a 2 year unlimited mileage guarantee. Most often this can be completed on the same day by our accredited Bosch Technicians.

A defective exhaust can hinder the cars power output, increase its fuel consumption and become very noisy.

Listen To The Exhaust

Listen for the following sounds to spot a damaged exhaust system.

ROARING - A potential issue with the silencer.

HISSING - A potential crack in the exhaust.

CHUGGING - A potential blockage in the exhaust.

RATTLING - Potentially misaligned or conflicting with a support part such as bracket, clamp or even a loose mount.

If you hear any strange noises at all coming from your exhaust, the best advice is to bring your vehicle to us for a free inspection.

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